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At Easton Legal, we are specialists in all areas of family law, including divorce, children, financial agreements and intervention orders. We aim to provide our clients with the most efficient and painless resolution to their family law issue.

Easton Legal understands every person and each relationship is different. Our family lawyers take a personal approach to each specific circumstance. We strive to find the most beneficial solutions for you and your family in a compassionate, dependable and protected way.

Divorce and Separation

Sometimes, people simply grow apart. But, often a break-down of a marriage or de facto relationship can be due to infidelity or violence. No matter the reason for separation, it always requires contacting a family law professional. The decision to separate is not a simple one, and we understand the time can be profoundly emotional and stressful. So it is best to seek professional and experienced legal advice so you can get through this challenging period of your life.

We are committed to early resolution of applications for divorce, which allows us to resolve most family law matters at mediation or before a final hearing. We believe this is the most beneficial process for you and your family. At Easton Legal, we focus on assisting you through this time in a supportive manner to ensure you reach an agreeable settlement with child-focused outcomes if there are children involved.

Child Custody

Easton Legal are experts in child custody and intervention orders due to family violence and all determining factors.

In times of dispute, children can feel the tension between their parents. At Easton Legal, we want you to have the best relationship with your children whichever the outcome. There is nothing more important than the welfare of your children; so we are compassionate about your needs and have the best interests of your children at the front of our mind.

The team at Easton Legal helps you with applications for child custody and parenting orders as well as applications for and responses to family violence intervention orders. We understand family violence incidents can leave you feeling stressed. So we handle all family violence cases, child custody and interventions using a process which is in a highly-proficient, safe and secure environment.

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