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Intervention Order Lawyers Melbourne

Intervention Orders Lawyers Melbourne
If you know, you or your family need protection from someone or a few people because you’re feeling unsafe or due to violence, then an intervention order is the best step forward for your assurance.

Intervention orders help protect from harassment, threats and intimidation. They guard you against getting stalked and having someone close to your house. And they prevent the threatening person from contacting you and damaging any of your property. So this type of legal protection is your best step forward for you and your family’s safety.

Help with intervention lawyers

Are you feeling threatened or harassed? Perhaps you’re concerned for you or your family’s welfare? If so, then Easton Legal suggests you obtain an intervention order for your protection and peace of mind. If you’re worried, then we will help you with the process at the magistrate’s court and be there to support you every step of the way.

What is an intervention order?

An intervention order is something which is put in place under specific legislation for the protection of people who can’t shield themselves due to many forms of violence, interference or family violence.

Once you’ve obtained an intervention order, the person who the order is against is then prevented by law from approaching, stalking, committing violence or being near the person who got the intervention order.

How to obtain an intervention order

To obtain an intervention order, you must attend your local magistrate’s court and make the application there. Of course, if you’re worried or feel unsafe an experienced legal representative from our team at Easton Legal will attend with you and even represent on your behalf.

If you need immediate protection, you can apply to the court for an interim intervention order as well while waiting for the full jurisdiction to get implemented.

Protecting your family and children

When getting an intervention order put in place by a court, its role is to,

  • ensure the safety of a family member
  • protect the property and possessions of a family member
  • protect children who have been victims of family violence

Protecting family members, especially children, is a critical part of being within a household. Often children may not need to be victims of violence themselves, but if they witness horrible, violence or offensive behaviour, they can get considered to receive protection as well.

If you feel there’s a threat to a family member’s safety, property or physical being then applying for an intervention order is crucial to keep them safe. Especially children because being affected by offensive behaviour younger in life can cause immediate issues and many problems later in life.

Contact the experienced family law team at Easton Legal today if yourself or a family member needs any form of protection. We handle all intervention order cases using our seasoned knowledge, skill and in a safe and secure environment.

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