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Property Settlement Lawyers Melbourne

Property Settlement Melbourne
Partnerships can sometimes come to an agreed separation. If this is you and you are already separated, then you are probably thinking what about our property, assets and what happens next?

Property Settlement

If you are thinking about separation or are already separated, then it is time to start thinking about and to understand what assets come subject with a settlement. At Easton Legal, our knowledgable lawyers will help you understand your rights, obligations and assist you in protecting them.

Many couples, partnerships and marriages share elements such as assets and also debts. In many cases, people had those assets before the partnership began. Further to this, often one partner may not have added as much financially to the relationship but perhaps contributed in different ways.

Whatever your particular situation is, our team at Easton Legal are here to ensure we get you the best feasible outcome in your property settlement, providing you with accurate legal advice and excellent representation.

What you should know about property settlement

Initially going through a separation or divorce is difficult for both parties involved. In saying that, it’s critical to get the right information and knowledge early on regarding your rights and any property or money which may need to get settled.

It is best to ensure first on your rights, and best interests get protected from the beginning, and you understand the entire situation, especially if there may be risks involved.

Further to the above, if you are unsure of your rights and legalities, then you should seek representation and proper legal advice. If you are like most people, then you may find financials overwhelming, complicated and often confusing. If this is the case, then seeking help from trained professionals will help give you clarity and take some of the pressure off you during this challenging period.

Early Resolution

Not all financial matters need to go to court. It is possible to come to an agreeable outcome regarding splitting your property and all joint assets. At Easton legal, we do our utmost best to come to an agreement and early resolution through mitigation and discussions to avoid matters going further to court. Which means if you have made decisions and are in agreement, then we can make the outcome legally binding by consent order, or we can construct a financial deal.

If it becomes the case that there is no agreeable outcome, then there is a need for court proceedings, and an application must get put forward for a property settlement. If this is the case, our expert lawyers will be there for legal representation every step of the way to help ensure the best possible outcome.

At Easton Legal, we know each case and relationship is unique and individual. Which means each property and asset settlement will be different as well. Whichever the case, assets or money which needs to get settled our team ensure we can come to an agreeable and best outcome for both parties.

Contact our family lawyers in Melbourne today if you are separated and need help to understand your legal rights regarding your assets, joint assets and properties.

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