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Family violence is an issue in Australia, and the statistics are startling. Many Australian men and women have or are experiencing a type of family violence against them. Family violence comes in many forms like psychical, emotional and financial too, and all kinds have a devastating effect on all victims. 

Family violence is always a challenging time, and it can be remarkably traumatic, stressful and emotional as well. So at Eason Legal, we take a sympathetic, understanding and safe approach to handling each case which means you can feel secure with us. 

What is family violence?

Family or domestic violence is a behaviour which is physically, sexually, psychologically, emotionally or economically abusive and the result of the act makes the victim fear for their safety or the safety of a family member. 

Since there are many forms of family violence to understand the situation more and how you can seek help, it’s best to get the advice from a specialised family law firm in Melbourne who has the experience in this specific area of law. There is a significant family law legislation, so speaking with the experienced family law lawyers at Easton Legal will help you obtain an understanding of what you should do and how you can be protected. 

Consequences of family violence in Melbourne

Family violence can cause much harm to the direct victim and the witnesses of the abuse. It can cause physical and psychological damage which means it’s best to seek help as soon as possible for the safety and care of all victims involved. 

The effects of family violence can be detrimental to children because at a young age its a behaviour which can get passed through generations. Children are impressionable, and they can become violent teenagers and adults from the learnt behaviour, which often creates thoughts later in life that their world needs controlling, which is why it becomes a perpetuating behaviour. 

Further to this, the effects of family violence can also lead to physical and mental health issues which improperly influence social and interactional behaviours of the victim, which creates many problems throughout their lives. 

There are many harmful long term health, emotional and mental outcomes of family violence such as, 

  • intestinal disorders caused by stress
  • headaches
  • back and body pain
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • eating disorders
  • sleep disturbances
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • social anxiety
  • substance abuse 
  • homelessness
  • suicide

And many more problems. 

Seeking help for family violence

If you’re experiencing any form of family violence within your household or know someone who is, contact our legal team today so we can provide you with help, support and representation. We’ve been serving family violence cases for many years, and our team has experience in all areas involved. 

We understand everyone has a unique case, so we handle all cases using our established knowledge, skill and in a safe and secure environment. 

If there’s immediate violence or threatening behaviour against you or a family member, please call 000 immediately and seek the help of the police if you believe you’re in danger. 

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