Child Custody

When someone is a parent, each parent of a child under the age of 18 years old has an equal parental responsibility unless ordered by a court otherwise. Which means if there’s a separation between parents and they’ll be living independently or any reason why one parent isn’t fit to be responsible for that child, then a child custody agreement comes into place. 

Parental responsibilities include all duties, powers and authority which parents have concerning their child or children. If the parents of a child have separated or aren’t together, these equal responsibilities are still legally required to get upheld. 

Applying for parenting orders

Parenting order documents are legally binding arrangements for the responsibilities of looking after the child, such as where the child or children will live and the amount of time the child remains with each parent. These types of agreements are legally binding, and they’re best handled through an experienced child custody family lawyer to get the best result. 

It’s relatively standard that parenting orders can get mitigated and solved without going to court. Still, in the case, it becomes not possible our team of family lawyers have the skill, ability and experience to represent you in court. 

Parents Responsibility

As said earlier, both parents are legally responsible for a child under the age of 18 which includes making decisions on their behalfs such as health decisions, schooling, religious beliefs and any other factor affecting the child. A parent’s responsibility remains the same regardless of their situation of marriage, relationship, de facto or any situation. 

There are no set rules that children must be shared or time spent equally, which means in most cases, it’s best to involve the child or children and discover their personal needs. When legally making child custody decisions, especially if through a family court, the order will always get prepared with the best interests of the child or children involved. 

If you’re struggling to agree with what the best interest is of your child or children, then you should seek a specialist family law child custody lawyer. This way, specialised family mitigation sessions can help both parents come to a mutually agreeable outcome or comprise. 

If agreements and decisions still can’t get resolved during mitigation, then this case goes to court for a judge to then decide on your behalf. If it comes to this, the team at Eason Legal have experienced child custody lawyers, and we’ll be there to assist and support you through this time. 

If you feel you need help deciding and coming to an agreement with a child custody arrangement, then contact our team today for the support, you need. Our team understands each family and situation is unique, and we have the experience to handle all types of custody agreements using our years of knowledge and practice. 

At Easton Legal, we do our best to come to mutual agreements during mitigation to save the emotional time of going to court. Still, if it does come to this, you’ll be well represented and looked after with our team of experienced lawyers.

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