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Thinking Of Separation, Separation Lawyers Melbourne

Separation Lawyers Melbourne
Sometimes, people naturally grow apart. Whatever the reason for thinking about separation, it usually requires contacting a family law professional. The decision to separate is not a simple one, and at Easton Legal, we appreciate the time can be intensely emotional and tough. So it is best to seek professional and experienced legal advice to get you through this challenging period of your life.

At Easton Legal, we concentrate on helping you through this period in a supportive manner to ensure you reach an agreeable settlement.

Thinking of separation?

Deciding to end a relationship with your partner is often a tricky decision. If you are considering leaving your partner due to being unhappy or other reasons, then here are things to consider to help you along with the situation.

The decision to separate gets made by a person within a relationship because they have decided to end the association. To qualify for a legal separation, that choice gets communicated to the other party.

Separation is different from a divorce (if the people in the relationship are married) because both people need to be living separate lives (and under the same roof can qualify as separated as well) for 12 months. Then a divorce can get applied for.

Have you discussed your thoughts with your partner?

Starting the conversation and discussion about your thoughts of separation productively is the first step and a positive one, to begin with. It may be a challenging and tricky conversation, but communication is the most crucial part. Set some time aside to start the discussions, and from here, you’ll understand what your partner is thinking and what the next step may be.

Have you looked at all options?

There are options you can seek for help if this decision and time becomes challenging or troubling, such as

  • Relationship counselling where a trained professional can support you through the process whether it’s discussing a separation or other matters
  • Learning practical communication skills to improve better interaction
  • Coaching and support which may help to mend your relationship.

Have you thought about what changes would occur if you were to separate?

With separation often comes many changes, and these should get considered carefully. These changes may affect other relationships in your life, such as family, children and friends.

  • Changes to living circumstances
  • Lifestyle
  • The roles you play in the relationship
  • Plans
  • Emotional security
  • Financial security

There are many developments, factors and also consequences which come with separation, which means it’s a process which must get planned expertly.

Have you sought legal help?

If you’ve never been involved in a separation before and you’re unsure of the process or what’s required, then it is worthwhile speaking to a trained and experienced lawyer.

At Easton Legal, our expert lawyers can disscuss options and legal ramifications of your separation, its circumstances and what is involved during the separation process, and potentially a divorce moving forward.

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