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Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution
Disputes often happen in many parts of our lives. People will frequently disagree, and it can occur between family members, neighbour complaints, landlords and tenants, couples or in the workplace. In saying this, often it can be challenging to resolve these issues appropriately, and you may need a mediator to help alleviate pressure to resolve a dispute and also help prevent the matter from going to court.

What is dispute resolution?

Dispute resolution is a way to resolve disagreements through mediation to avoid going to court. The process involves the people in the dispute speaking about the problem and then agreeing to solve it. You should seek the help of a mediator if you are struggling to reach a resolution, solution or unable to accept the dispute. An expert mediator is someone impartial to the situation and not involved in the conflict in any way.

What is family dispute resolution?

Separation is usually an emotional, stressful and tiring time for all parties involved. Often during this time, it becomes difficult to even speak to each other about issues. Whether it be money, property, problems with children, division, the next step of a relationship or parenting arrangements and the only option forward you can see is going to court then you should seek dispute resolution.

Dispute resolutions is a much more comfortable and cost-effective way to resolve any disagreements before going to court. A specialised family dispute resolution lawyer can assist you and offer resolution mediation. At Easton Legal, our team are experienced mediators and aim to resolve issues and reach an agreement to avoid going to court.

Mediation and dispute resolution saves time and the high cost involved when taking matters to court. The Family Law Act 1975 states that it is a requirement both parties within a dispute can lodge a disagreement about children only if first they have made a genuine effort to resolve the problem through professional family dispute resolution.

What to expect during the process

As professional and neutral mitigators, the role of our experienced mitigation experts at Easton Family Legal is unbiased and fair to both parties. We focus on helping all parties resolve the dispute and concentrate on the future and moving forward in unity.

During the process, our experts identify the issues which need resolving and get both parties speaking and listening without interruption. Then we lead into the sharing of all relevant information before our experts can begin to explore ideas and options, possible test solutions, and finally setting all decisions and agreements into writing.

  • All our family dispute resolution sessions get facilitated by a trained professional and of course, one who is entirely neutral and independent to the dispute.
  • All our family dispute resolution sessions get facilitated by a trained professional and of course, one who is entirely neutral and independent to the dispute.
  • During the process, all parties must be open to listening and ready to reach an agreement and solutions.

If you are looking at avoiding going to court and need a dispute mitigated and resolved then contact the expert family lawyers & mitigation team at Easton Legal today.

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