Family Law

Sometimes, people just grow apart

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The breakdown of a marriage (or a de facto relationship) does not always involve infidelity or family violence.

Sometimes, people just grow apart.

How we can help you

At Easton Legal, we understand that a long and drawn out family law dispute can have a devastating impact on you and all those around you including your children, close friends and relatives.

Our approach is to negotiate first to save you the time, expense and emotional cost of having to go to court.  Even where proceedings have already been filed, our commitment to early resolution allows us to resolve most family law matters at a mediation or sufficiently before a final hearing.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in family law, including:

  • Applications for divorce;
  • Applications for property orders and/or spousal maintenance;
  • Property settlements including roundtable discussions, conciliation conferences & private mediations;
  • Applications for child custody / parenting orders;
  • Applications for and responses to family violence intervention orders;
  • Urgent interim applications e.g. for spousal maintenance and/or interim costs (Barro orders); and
  • Disputes over jurisdiction, where the laws of a foreign country purport to preclude the matter being heard in an Australian court.

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