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Already Separated

Already Separated
Sometimes partnerships come to an agreed separation. If this is you and you are already separated, then you probably think what is next?

Easton Legal, we are experts in separation, what comes during and especially after the departure. And we understand that the time is often emotional and tough. So it is best to seek expert and experienced legal advice from our trained professionals to get you through this challenging period moving forward. We focus on assisting you through this time in a supportive manner so we can ensure you reach a manageable agreement at the end of your separation process.

What is a legal separation?

If you’ve stopped living together as a couple and in a partnership, then you are officially separated. A separation occurs when one party in the relationship decides to part, communicates this decision with the other person, and then the decision gets acted upon. The partner doesn’t have to agree for a separation. If you are residing under the one roof separately and not as a couple, this is still categorised as separated.

Please note, there are no official legal requirements for separation.

Do you need legal advice?

If you’re experiencing the following challenges during your separation, then we urge you to seek legal advice.

  • If you have endured domestic violence and need help, please ensure you have contacted the police as well
  • If you’re considering a protection order to force the other person to leave the home
  • If you believe your ex-partner may spend savings, get into debt or lose money, then you’ll want to prevent money from getting spent or property getting taken
  • If you need to thoroughly understand how separation affects many aspects of life and if you’re going about it the right way, such as parenting and child support arrangements if there are children involved
  • If you need advice regarding what to do with joint bank accounts, mutual debts, joint properties, sorting or changing wills, superannuation and many other factors which come with separation
  • If you are living in an “under the same roof” separation by you’re considering applying to the court to force the other party in the relationship to leave home

What happens next?

Once you’ve sought legal advice, our experienced lawyers will be here to support and help you through these matters and legal parts which follow. Our lawyers will ask if you and your ex-partner have come to an agreement or made any arrangements regarding children, property settlement or money. If you have then our team will help draft the legal documentation required to get these arrangements sorted.

At Easton Legal, our team of experienced family law lawyers do our best to negotiate first to save you time, expenses and more emotional pressure. We do our best to come to agreements and solve the matters at mediation to avoid further need to go to court and have a judge decide on your behalf.

However, if you can’t come to an agreeable solution about children, property, money or any other circumstances during mediation, then official court proceedings may have to commence. If this occurs, our family law lawyers and solicitors have experience in all family law court proceedings. They will support and assist you during what can be a long and drawn-out process, but we will be there each step of the way.

If you’re already separated and seeking help regarding what to do next, then contact the team of practised family law lawyers at Easton Legal today for the advice, support and assistance you need.

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